Drop Day
An overview of what you should do on drop day.


Supreme releases new items every Thursday at 11AM your local time. To ensure you are ready for the drop, take a look at this checklist.
    My profiles are correct and are jigged if necessary to evade card bans.
    I have logged into G-Mail to ensure I don't have to solve long captcha challenges.
    If using Multi-Cart, I have made small carts with less-hyped items to avoid risking a hyped item selling out quickly which might jeopardize the whole cart.
    I am in the Discord server and follow all advice given by the developers and admins.
    I am starting my tasks 30 seconds before the drop.
    I have "Skip bad items" on if using Multi-Cart.
    I am using drop mode only and will use restock mode for restocks.
    If using AYCD, I have tested my setup with a test task to ensure it works.
Last modified 8mo ago
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