Special Drops Guide
How to setup swiftsole for hyped supreme drops.


This Thursday, Supreme is releasing the Kaws Box Logo Tee. These are some of the most hyped items of the season. In addition to the normal drop checklist, please keep some things in mind:
The site is almost guaranteed to crash and burn. Your tasks might say "Network Error" a lot which just means Supreme's site took too long to respond. If so, don't panic because SwiftSole will automatically retry. If your tasks finish with the status "Stock Error" or "Checkout Error" keep restarting them.
DO NOT MULTICART BOGOS. The BOGOS will sell out extremely quickly, so don't add other items to a box logo cart which will slow the cart down. Don't jeopardize a BOGO because you wanted to save $5 on shipping for the Hanes thermals. Put your box logo tasks in their own carts. Other less hyped items should be multicarted together. Make sure your harvester is open before the drop, this reduces lag!
Please make sure you are on the latest version of SwiftSole and are in the Discord listening for announcements and further instructions. Please also make sure you follow the regular drop guidelines as well, which can be found here.


    How many tasks should I run? Each phone can run a certain amount of tasks, since drop mode tasks use more cpu usage, please test beforehand to see how many tasks your phone can handle. Please use common sense here... running 30 tasks is definetely not optimal, please be more realistic, try running less than 5-10 tasks, all depending on your device.
    Drop mode or restock mode? Please use drop mode for this drop!
    Do I need to change delays? No, leave the delays as is.
    Should I use the double harvester? Not for this drop, it makes many people’s phones laggy.
    What is swiftsole premium? Extended set of features like mainly background mode (runs infinitely in the background), unlimited tasks, AYCD support, and much more, more info can be found in discord.
    What is AYCD? Its a tool offered by another company that autosolves your captchas in swiftsole, it does cost extra money (not provided by swiftsole) and should only be used by users who have good experience in botting and with app. For more information please visit our discord.
    I am having trouble downloading swiftsole on my phone, what do I do?
    If your swiftsole says "expired" or you cant download it, click "stop testing" and then download again using this link!

Video Guide:

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