Settings Page

Here we describe the Settings Page.


The Settings Page is where you can edit settings for SwiftAlerts, and also choose which sites you want to receive alerts from.

Settings Page

Region Selector and Monitors

At the top of the Settings Page lies the Region Selector. The Region Selector allows you to browse through different geographic regions and the monitors we offer for each of them. You do NOT "set" your region. The Region Selector is simply a way to divide up all of the monitors into something more filterable for the user. You could receive all alerts for US Supreme, EU Supreme and JP Supreme if you wanted.

To receive alerts from a particular site, tap it's corresponding box. If you are receiving alerts from a site which you haven't subscribed to, or aren't receiving alerts from a site you have subscribed to, disable then enable the site's box.

Filtered alerts are alerts from a site that match a set of pre defined keywords so you don't get spammed.

Further Settings




SwiftSole Profile

The name of the SwiftSole Profile you want to use when using

SwiftSole Quick Tasks.

You must own SwiftSole to use SwiftSole quick tasks.

Autostart QT

If enabled, tells SwiftSole to immediately start the quick task.

Alert Browser

Which browser you want to open alerts in.

Face ID

If enabled, Face ID will be required when you login.

Manage Subscription

Takes you to our subscription portal where you can manage your subscription.


Takes you here!

Log Out

Logs you out of the app.