Home Page
Here we describe all the features seen in the Home Page.


When you first open SwiftSole, you will be directed to the Home Page of the app. Your SwiftSole will be dark/light depending on your system's theme.
Home page
The Home Page is where you can view notifications from us, view your checkout analytics(successful checkouts vs failed checkouts) and see a history of your past purchases.

Notification Center

Notification center
The Notification Center is a horizontally scrollable list of all the notifications you have received from us. Most of these are probably important, so if you see one please read it. You can clear all the notifications by clicking the red Clear All button.


Analytics page
The Analytics Center is where you can get a rough estimate of how many of your past checkouts were successful or not.
It may take up to a day for checkouts to be accounted for in these numbers.

Purchases Center

The Purchases Center is where you can see your past purchases(successful checkouts) with SwiftSole. Under the grey box lies the order number for that purchase which may be useful if you need to correspond with Supreme about the purchase. Do not share your order number with anybody.

Purchases Center(Expanded)

Expanded purcahse center
If you tap the blue View All button next to the Purchases section of the Home Page, you will be brought to this screen which displays in vertical format, all of your past purchases. This is simply a vertical, ordered version of the Purchases Center seen on the Home Page.
Last modified 8mo ago