Here we describe how to install SwiftSole on iOS products.


Installing SwiftSole is a two step process. Although SwiftSole is an iOS app, it isn't available on the App Store like other apps, and must be installed through a separate app(which is on the App Store) called TestFlight. Think of TestFlight like a hosting app through which you can launch, install and update SwiftSole.


    Install TestFlight on your iOS device. You can download TestFlight here.
    Once you have TestFlight installed, check your email for an invite link to SwiftSole. This email should also contain you username and password to login with.
    Accept the invitation and click Install to install SwiftSole.
Do not be alarmed if a "+10" or "+18" etc was added to your login email. Our server does this if there is already a SwiftSole account under the email you bought with. You should login with the email exactly how it is written in the confirmation email you receive, plusses included.
Last modified 10mo ago
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