Here we describe SwiftSole's main features, purpose and modus operandi.

What is SwiftSole?

SwiftSole is a Supreme bot designed for use on iOS devices. A Supreme bot is a type of software that buys items from Supreme New York's website for you instead of you buying them manually via a web browser.
There are many advantages to using a Supreme bot over going "manual", the biggest one being that a good Supreme bot will be able to buy items for you much faster than you could ever hope to do manually. Most Supreme bots(including SwiftSole) can also buy multiple items at the same time.
Unfortunately however, Supreme does not like when people use bots such as SwiftSole to purchase items from their store, so they usually employ certain tricks and protections on drop day in an attempt to stop bots -- this we refer to as "bot protection". Usually, SwiftSole can bypass this bot protection allowing it to purchase items like it was designed to, but sometimes it cannot. In the latter case, we will always push out an update as quickly as possible to enable the bot to keep cooking.
Last modified 1yr ago
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