Settings Page
Here we describe the Settings page.


The Settings Page is where you can configure SwiftSole.
Settings page

AYCD Integration (premium feature)

AYCD's AutoSolve and OneClick products are external tools that you can hook up to a number of bots including SwiftSole. When you do this, you can choose for your tasks to get captchas from AYCD instead of your local captcha harvester. AYCD OneClick is an external service that has no affiliation with SwiftSole.
If you don't own AYCD OneClick then you can simply use the local captcha harvester like usual. If you are new to SwiftSole it is recommended that you stick with the regular captcha harvester!
How to setup AYCD with SwiftSole: https://aycd.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046435074

Common Functions

Send webhooks
Tells SwiftSole whether or not to send
webhooks to your URL.
Send notifications
Tells SwiftSole whether or not to send you local push notifications.
Skip bad items (premium users)
If turned on and a Task can't find another
item in it's cart, it will skip adding this item to cart instead
of holding up the whole cart.
Double harvester
Opens two captcha harvesters instead of one
Background mode (premium users)
If turned on, SwiftSole can run in the background
(when it isn't on your phone's screen) for up to an hour.
SwiftSole emits a dull noise to accomplish this. (make sure to enable location services for swiftsole to "always" for it to work properly.
Compact View
If turned on, task boxes will be smaller.
Use Custom Delays
If turned on, the delays you set will be used instead of our
pre-configured default delays. If you are unsure of what this means, don't turn this on.
Test Webhook
Sends a test message to your webhook to make sure it is working.
Log Out
Logs you out of the app.


The first text field you see in the Settings page is for a Discord webhook. A webhook is a special URL that points to a channel in your own discord server that SwiftSole can send messages to. In the event you successfully checkout an item, SwiftSole will send a message to this URL.
    Create your own Discord server.
    Go to Server Settings and click Webhooks
    Create a webhook and paste the URL into the Settings page.
Webhooks are optional.
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