Tasks Page
Here we describe all of the features found on the Tasks Page.


The Tasks Page is where you can manage your tasks. Tasks are instructions you give SwiftSole to check out an item. So for example, if you wanted SwiftSole to check out a pair of Red Socks for you, you would make a task, select the Socks, select the Red color and then select a size. SwiftSole will begin the checkout process when you start the task.
Tasks page
The big green button expands into all the different task options you can choose from.

Task Actions

Task page (expanded)
When you tap the green plus button in the middle of the Tasks page, you will see a slide-up with these options.
Start All(Green)
Starts all of your tasks.
Stop All(Yellow)
Stops all of your tasks
Delete All(Red)
Deletes all of your tasks.
Opens the Captcha Harvester and the Ticket Harvester
Create Task(Green)
Displays the Task Creator
Add Gmail
Displays G-Mail Login
Mass Edit (new)
Changes all tasks to drop or restock mode
Brings up the multicart screen

Individual Task Options

Individual task options
When you tap a task box, this slide-up will appear with some useful buttons.
Starts this task.
Stops this task.
Deletes this task.
Displays the Task Editor.
Duplicates this task into another task.
Displays the Logs window.

Captcha Harvester

Captcha Harvester
The Captcha Harvester is a small browser window where reCaptcha challenges will appear. Since Supreme's website requires users to solve a captcha challenge to check out, your task must do the same. In order to make the captcha challenges easier to solve, login to a G-Mail account on the G-Mail Login Page.

Logs Window

Logs window
The Logs window is where you can see a recent of history of what your task has been doing. This may be useful in diagnosing errors.

Common Task Status

Network Error
SwiftSole tried to talk to Supreme but the connection timed out.
Stock Error
Item was out of stock when it was checking out.
Handling Ticket
SwiftSole is contacting our ticket api to handle bot protection
Checkout Error
See logs. If "no reason given", probably a banned card or bot protection.
Need Ticket
Your task is waiting for the Ticket Harvester to make it some ticket cookies.
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