Your Account
Here we describe how to use and manage your SwiftSole account.

Your Account

If you bought SwiftSole from our main website(which can be found here), then you were sent an email with a login email and login password. If you haven't received one, please join our Discord and make a support ticket.
Your login email might be slightly different than the email you used to purchase SwiftSole. This scenario usually manifests in a +number being added to your original email. So if you purchased with [email protected] you might see your login as [email protected]Our server adds a plus here if there is already an account under the email you used to purchase(in this example, [email protected]). If this is the case, you should login with the exact login email sent to you in your confirmation email, plus included.
If you forget your password to your account, you can reset your password by clicking the Forgot Password button in SwiftSole.
Forgot password page (login page)
You cannot change the email associated with your account.
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